Iokharic was the name of a script used by the Draconic language,[1] as well as by the Auran, Ignan,[2] and some human languages.[1][3] It consisted of runic characters[4] equivalent to letters and numbers in human scripts.[5]

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To give emphasis to important concepts, Iokharic employed a special character consisting of five (or six[2]) lines radiating outwards, similar to a star or an asterisk (*), or the five heads of Tiamat. When this character was written, the word was spoken with both the first and last syllables stressed.[5]


Dragons believed Iokharic was created by the dragon god Asgorath so his creations could record their impressions of the world he hoped they would inherit.[5] Non-dragon scholars believed Iokharic was likely created long after its spoken form was standardized, as dragons had little need to write like other races. The script was believed to have been influenced by the dwarven runes, but dragons themselves dismissed such a connection.[2]

Elven scholars had the theory that kobolds, rather than dwarves, were the ones who actually created Iokharic, as it was widely believed that the earliest kobolds served dragons, learning dragon ways. The oldest historical records of kobold history began with paintings, then pictograms, and gradually developed into the Iokharic script.[4]


The following languages commonly used Iokharic writing for their written forms:


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