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Iol, also known as violet stone, was the name by which iolite (cordierite) was commonly known in the Realms.[4][5] Such stones were sacred to Deneir, the Scribe of Oghma.[6]


This semi-precious stone was predominately blue in hue, but the stone's color changed with viewing angle, from dark blue to straw-yellow. Small specimens could be transparent but larger stones tended to have inclusions which could cause a star-like effect or, in the case of trapped hematite crystals, a flash of golden color much like sunstones. Iols were usually facet-cut to best display the stone's color change.[4][5] A typical specimen had a base value of 50 gp.[1][2][3]


Iol stones were the best component for use in making ioun stones.[5]

Rumors and legendsEdit

Faerûnian legends said this gemstone had a strong affinity for magic,[3] but few knew of its connection to ioun stones.[5]


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