Ioun stones, originally called Congenio's pebbles,[2] were magical stones that granted enhancements or powers to a creature.[3][1]


They were small, crystalline stones, coming in a wide range of colors and shapes that determined their powers.[1]


Ioun stones hovered permanently in the air.[1]

When one acquired a stone and wished to receive its benefits, they had to first hold it for a brief time and then release it. Thereafter, when functioning, the ioun stone floated in a circular pattern around the bearer's head, at a distance of 1–3 ft (30–91 cm). They could only bestow their benefit on an owner when within this range. Two stones of the same type would repel each other.[3][1] Another person could try to catch or net the stone to steal it, or break it. The bearer could freely grab and pocket a stone, such as when going to sleep, to keep it safe, but they could no longer receive its benefits.[1]

The stones granted various benefits based on their color, as listed below. When drained of power, a stone became a dull grey, but it still possessed the characteristic floating power.[3]

Color & Shape Benefit Cost (gp)
Clear spindle May go without food or water 4000
Dusty-rose prism Insight to defense 5000
Deep-red sphere Enhanced agility & dexterity 8000
Incandescent-blue sphere Enhanced wisdom 8000
Pale-blue rhomboid Enhanced strength 8000
Pink rhomboid Enhanced constitution 8000
Pink-and-green sphere Enhanced charisma 8000
Scarlet-and-blue sphere Enhanced intellect 8000
Scarlet-and-blue sphere Enhanced intellect 8000
Dark-blue rhomboid Greater alertness 10,000
Vibrant-purple prism Stores spells as a ring of spell storing 36,000
Iridescent spindle May go without air 18,000
Pale-lavender ellipsoid Absorbs low-level spells as a rod of absorption when readied 20,000
Pearly-white spindle May regenerate wounds or damage by the hour as a ring of regeneration 20,000
Pale-green prism Greater talent in attack, skill, resistance, and physical and mental feats 30,000
Orange prism Increasing level of spellcasting 30,000
Lavender-and-green ellipsoid Absorbs all but the highest-level spells as a rod of absorption when readied 40,000


Ioun stones could only be created by a veteran spellcaster well versed in the crafting of wondrous magical items.[1]


Congenio Ioun, an arcanist of Netheril, created the first ioun stones.[2][4]


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