Ir'revrykal was a powerful and strongly enchanted greatsword, which could only be wielded by an evil paladin.[1]


The two-handed sword was dark in appearance and "radiated evil" from a distance. Circular tir'su runes were inscribed across the serrated blade, spelling out its name, meaning "pain-servant".[1]


The Unholy Reaver made its wielder immune to charm spells, but its most powerful feature was a half-chance to dispel magic on a creature with every strike. Only strong characters could wield such an item.[1]


Legendary historyEdit

Legend has it that Ir'revrykal was forged by the githyanki wizard-smith Ir'mlar,[note 1] hundreds of years before the 14th century DR. It was rumored to have been smithed in the darkened caverns below the city of Tu'narath, an unholy city that floated on the Astral Plane upon "the One in the Void", a long-dead deity.[1]

To craft the sword, the mlar used the bones of the One in the Void, an unknown substance to the Prime Material plane. The wizard-smith then imbued the weapon with an evil entity claimed to be a prince of the lower plane of Carceri. Some claimed, however, that the greatsword contained the One in the Void's spirit, which had been banished to within the blade for crimes committed against other gods aeons ago.[1]

Later historyEdit

The sword was later relocated to the continent of Faerûn, on Toril. Specifically, the greatsword made its way to a githyanki compound in Watcher's Keep, Amn, and may have been recovered by the party of Gorion's Ward in 1368 DR.[1]



  1. The name of the creator of Ir'revrykal shares similarities with the name of the greatsword itself: "Ir'mlar" translates to "pain-mlar", a mlar being a githyanki spellcaster who specializes in construction, i.e., a wizard-smith. Both the mlar and the servant are associated with the concept of pain.


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  • The regular wiki editor, Ir'revrykal, uses the name of the evil greatsword as his online pseudonym.