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Iriador Wintermist, known as Garnet, was a half-elven spellsinger and former Harper.[3]


Iriador had red hair and was over 300 years of age, although she was able to use magic to make herself appear somewhat younger.[1]


Iriador was a member of the Harpers who fell during the Harpstar Wars. She was rescued by a druid and learned spellsong. She spent 200 years with wood elves.[4]

In 1364 DR, Iriador (using the alias Garnet) retrieved the Morninglark harp from the green dragon Grimnoshtadrano in order to place a curse on the Harpers in revenge (or, in her mind, justice) for their meddling and lack of attention to lorekeeping. She used the harp to change bards' songs without their awareness, blight the crops around Waterdeep, and turn popular opinion against the Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and the Lords of Waterdeep. Her plans were thwarted by Harper Danilo Thann and company, which included Elaith Craulnober, as well as by Grimnoshtadrano, who carried her away just before her moment of triumph. Howeever, her deeds were a contributing factor to the reopening of the bardic college, New Olamn.[3][5]


An asperii served Iriador.[6]