Irl was a village that lay just west of the River Rith, due north of The Realm of the Mount. The village's main claim to fame was in the form of jewlers and their gems. Governmental rulings were made by the Eight-sided Stone, a covert council whose members were the elders of the most powerful Irlian families.[1]

Irl had an inn called The Bold Ki-rin. It was a large, three-story, half-timbered mansion with many chimneys. The inn's dining room was famous for roasts, wines, and succulent sauces and its stables were second to none. The owner and keeper of the Rin was the jovial ex-adventurer Brelmere Baerith.[1]

Where the village main street curved around the front of The Bold Ki-rin, there was a row of six well-established jewelry shops. The jewelers of Irl were reputed to be among the richest and most powerful humans in all Faerûn. They were secretive and reclusive and their behind-the-scenes influence could move merchants of Sembia, the Zulkirs of Thay and nobles of Waterdeep to do things they would rather not.[1]


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