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Irlingstar (pronounced: /ˈʌrlɪŋstɑːrURR-ling-star[1]) was a noble family of Waterdeep.[1][2]


House Irlingstar built ships and ran caravans.[1] Unbeknownst to most of the family, they also financed the Unseen.[3] Later, they became a banking family.[4]

Base of Operations[]

The members of House Irlingstar resided at the three- and four-story buildings collectively known as Irlingstar Villa in the Sea Ward[5] on the northwest corner of Sul Street and Delzorin Street.[6] They also had a rowhouse in the Castle Ward called Sablehearth, on Swords Street between Blackstaff Tower and the Font of Knowledge.[7]


In the early 1340s DR, the patriarch's consort, Nael, was replaced by a malaugrym named Amarune. She had a daughter named Sintre, who died, leaving the family without a direct heir. In 1370 DR, Hlaavin of the Unseen discovered Amarune's true identity and began extorting her.[3]





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