The Iron Lord, or Huhrong, was the highest-ranking male ruler of Rashemen. He was expected to rule wisely in the best interests of the people of Rashemen.[1] His duties included keeping travel between settlements relatively safe, securing the frontier lands, controlling raiding monsters from the wilder parts of Rashemen, and serving as supreme warlord during times of war.[2]

At a local level, each settlement was ruled over by a fyrra who only controlled the armed forces under his command. A fyrra's rule could be compared to that of a mayor. Each fyrra reported to the Iron Lord.[1]

The real power, however, lies with the Wychlaran. They picked the Iron Lord and could change him whenever they felt it necessary.[2]

In 1372 DR, Volas Dyervolk was the current Iron Lord of Rashemen.[1][3]


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