The Iron Ring was a consortium of the most powerful slavers in Skullport.[2]


The Iron Ring's primary interest was slaving and protecting the slave trade in Skullport and Undermountain. To that effect, they prevented poaching by guarding unsold slaves, limiting the influence of foreign slavers, and attempting to keep the Lords of Waterdeep out of their business. Independent and rival slavers who refused to join the consortium were ruthlessly eliminated.[2]


The Iron Ring was founded in 1363 DR[1] in Skullport by two powerful slavers (who happened to hate each other), the yuan-ti abomination Zstulkk Ssarmn and the priest of Loviatar Quinan Varnaed. The alliance was very profitable and grew quickly until in less than ten years' time it came to control most of the slave trafficking in Skullport and Undermountain.[2]


The Iron Ring was based in Skullport and operated throughout the city and in Undermountain.[2]


The five leaders of the Iron Ring were known as as the "Lords of Iron." Each of them was the leader of their own slave organization. Their names were Ahmaergo the "Horned Dwarf" (Xanathar Thieves' Guild), Zstulkk Ssarmn, Transtra, Malakuth Tabuirr (Dark Dagger), and Quinan Varnaed (Tower of the Seven Woes). Varnaed was considered the guild's informal leader.[3]


The members of the guild were varied. They always carried manacles or other restraints and were known for the keys and keyrings found danging on their belts.[4]


While dangerous, the Iron Ring was limited by their rivalry with the Black Network, Iron Throne, the Shadow Thieves, and the Xanatos Slave Network. Recently, the yuan-ti have taken an increasing interest in the organization and thus have been exponentially increasing their power, through diluting their previously profit-motivated goals with a new focus upon increasing the influence of the snake people.

The evil rogue elf Zabbas Thuul worked for many years with the Iron Ring.[5]


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