The Iron Throne was a mysterious merchant organization. Little was known of its history or the identity of its backers. It apparently operated independently of any government.


The Iron Throne was well over twenty years old. Their founding date was unknown, but they were first heard of in 1356 DR.[citation needed]

The iron crisisEdit

A recent operation (in 1368 DR) of the Iron Throne came close to causing a war between Amn and Baldur's Gate. They orchestrated an iron shortage in the Baldur's Gate area, sabotaging the mines at Nashkel and hiring bandits to disrupt trade, blaming all of this on Amn. The Iron Throne would gain political influence in Baldur's Gate and supply the city with iron from their hidden mine in Cloakwood. However, for Sarevok, a leading member of the Baldur's Gate branch of the Iron Throne and a Bhaalspawn, this plan was nothing but a means for causing a war, which he believed he could use to his advantage to ascend to divinity as the new Lord of Murder. Both plans were ultimately foiled by Abdel Adrian.[citation needed]

Known membersEdit

The Iron Throne operated through agents, mostly thugs and brigands. Their turnover rate was high with agents being replaced often.


The Iron Throne was often in conflict with the Zhentarim.

The Iron Throne had quite a bad public image. They were charged with attempted assassinations, extortion, thuggery, trading weapons to hostile nonhuman tribes and trafficking in smoke powder, poisons and drugs.