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Iron cobras were a type of serpentine construct.[5] They were favored by the Scaled Ones for their snakelike form.[6]


These constructs were typically made of iron,[3] though some consisted of unknown metals.[5]


Iron cobras were activated and de-activated by their masters through use of command words. When activated an iron cobra obeyed simple commands; while de-active, an iron cobra was completely silent.[5] Additionally, when ordered by their creator to track down a creature (whose name must be known to the creator), they could detect its position as if by the locate creature spell.[3] Some described this ability of theirs as them honing in on their target's psychic vibrations and that they could be blocked by spells such as mind blank.[5]

Despite their size and metal forms, iron cobras were surprisingly stealthy.[3]

Their bodies possessed a magic resistance and could see in areas of total darkness out to a range of 60 feet (18 meters).[1] They were immune to spells that affected the mind[1][5] and some were unaffected by the spell web.[5] They could not be harmed by non-magical weapons unless they were made of adamantine.[1]


Iron cobras were venomous, with an internal reservoir that held three doses of poison, though said reservoir could be refilled in but a minute. The exact type of poison varied, although venom from a monstrous spider was a common choice.[3] Some loaded them with alchemical concoctions that paralyze creatures[1][7][5] or cloud their minds with paranoia.[1][7]


Iron cobras' combat tactics were simple, but typically effective: bite until the enemy died.[3]


As constructs, they had little to no effect on their surrounding environment, and could be found in any land ecosystem.[3]


Iron cobras could be created from 100 pounds (45,000 grams) of iron by a caster of above-average skill who could cast both arcane and divine spells. The creation process also required use of the spells animate object, freedom of movement, geas/quest, and locate creature.[3]


It was said that the first eight iron cobras were created ages ago by a powerful wizard-cleric, and that they were indestructible. Other spellcasters after them tried to copy the design, but with uniformly less powerful results.[3] Others believed that they were a gnomish invention and grouped them in with other gnomish constructs known as clockworks.[7]

Rumors & Legends[]

Some claimed that there were only a dozen or so iron cobras in existence.[5]


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