Ironcloak was a ruined town in central Turmish, near the Alaoreum River. It was a brutal example of how the Emerald Enclave dealt with those who damaged the environment.[1][2]


In the 13th century DR, Ironcloak was a town ruled by Lord Ironcloak, a rich and powerful noble merchant.[1][2]

Not long after the creation of Turmish's Assembly of Stars in the Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR,[3] Lord Ironcloak petitioned the fledgling government for logging rights around his town. Although some assemblymen protested, Lord Ironcloak got his way. He quickly turned Ironcloak into a busy logging town, but he was ruthless and reckless in his pursuit of wealth, cutting down trees at a shocking speed and dumping rubbish in the Alaoreum River.[1][2]

All this soon drew the attention of the druids of the Emerald Enclave, who warned Lord Ironcloak against polluting the river, though he ignored them. A druid then arrived and ordered him to cease operations immediately or they would take actions against him. Lord Ironcloak promptly murdered the messenger and hired mercenaries to defend the town. Two days later, the druids delivered their final warning, attached to numerous arrows, declaring the town would be destroyed at dawn. Lord Ironcloak mocked their threats.[1][2]

Come dawn, Lord Ironcloak sent his people into the forest once more, thinking he had won. Then earth elementals emerged from the forest floor and began killing every person they found. Lord Ironcloak joined the battle, but then the river itself flooded its banks and inundated the town, wiping away buildings and people, the lord and his fortune.[1][2]

In years to come, adventurers like Adamar Session sometimes found the ruins of Ironcloak, looking for Lord Ironcloak's fortune, but found little of note prior to the late 14th century DR.[1][2]

Local legendsEdit

Stories told that Lord Ironcloak's treasure of gold, silver, and gems had been washed into the river, and lay there ready for the taking if someone risked entering the druid's element to retrieve it. Others said the god Silvanus the Treefather had taken it as a sacrifice.[1][2]



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