Ironslag was an ancient dungeon complex beneath Mount Hamarhaast in the Ice Spires. Home to a clan of fire giants, this was the ancestral forge of Duke Zalto.[1]


Ironslag lay beneath a mountain in the Ice Spires known to the dwarves of the Silver Marches as Mount Hamarhaast.[1]


Ironslag had two entrances. The main entrance was a set of adamantine doors 50 ft (15 m) tall, sealed by magic. The second entrance was guarded by an iron portcullis in a yak folk village on the mountain above. The main forge area was a large, two-level dungeon complex connected to a series of mines.[1]


Ironslag housed a magical adamantine forge.[1]


The complex was largely inhabited by fire giants, but also included a large number of goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and orcs along with several dwarf, gnome, and human slaves/prisoners. There were also a few hell hounds, salamanders, an iron golem, and a chimera among the inhabitants.[1]


Some time after the War of the Silver Marches in the late fifteenth century DR, the fire giant Duke Zalto led a clan of fire giants to reclaim the complex. Proceeding to capture slaves from across the Silver Marches, Zalto began sending agents to search for fragments of the Vonindod and rebuilding the ancient colossus within Ironslag.[1]




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