Irreph Mulmar was the High Constable of High Dale in 1368 DR, acting as the leader of and spokesperson for the Dale Council. He was considered a hero throughout the land.[1]


In his youth, Irreph was a hero and an adventurer, the fame from which helped earn him the title of high constable in his later years.[1]

Around 1358 DR, Irreph was ousted from his position by a secret Zhent occupation army. Thanks to Elminster Aumar and the Rangers Three, he led an insurrection that freed the dale.[2]

He resumed his role only around 1368 under popular pressure.[1] Around this time he began an endeavour to bolster the military defense of High Dale with the creation of the Flying Auxiliary, a group of pegasi-mounted archers to bolster the forces of the local militia and the mercenaries of the Pegasus Archery Company.[3]


Irreph had a daughter, Ylyndaera Mulmar.[2]





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