Irtemara el Eradsari, known as the Dancer Before Dawn,[1] was the high priestess of the Temple of Old Night in Calimport[1][2][3] and the highest ranking member of the Church of Shar in the late 14th century DR.[1]


Irtemara was a debaucherous woman known for her love of wild celebrations that left her jaded and for her fickle machinations that resulted in the deaths of many.[1]


Within the hierarchy of the Church of Shar, Irtemara was immediately served by three male priests, who were waiting for her to die so that they could vie for control.[1]

Irtemara had at least two children. She had a daughter who married into el Vyndahla,[4] the third largest criminal family in Calimshan.[5] Irtemara's son-in-law, Kadan el Vyndahla was known as "the Octopus" because his hands were in so many illegal activities.[4]

By her son, Irtemara was the grandmother to Amun el Eradsari. Amun was also a cleric of Shar, and Irtemara delighted in him. Formally, he headed black market operations for el Vyndahla, but, in truth, he was controlled by his grandmother and his uncle.[4]


In addition to her role as high priestess, Irtemara was actively involved in the criminal underworld of Calimport,[2][3] controlling much of the black market and "enforcer guilds" through her grandson and son-in-law[2] or through pashas and vizars who were secretly Sharran clergy in submission to her.[3] In all, her behind-the-scenes manipulations extended well beyond Calimshan and had resulted in no fewer than six changes of power in various governments across the Realms.[1]



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