Iselore was the archdruid of Kuldahar in Icewind Dale in the early 14th century DR.[1]


He could utilize the power of the Heartstone Gem, a sacred relic of the druids of Silvanus. With it, he had incredible divination and healing skills. Using this, he could put Kuldahar in a state of eternal summer.[1]


He originally came from Deepingdale in the Dalelands.[1]

Iselore took over the role of archdruid of Kuldahar when Arundel died. Iselore was one of the only ones protecting the gem and the Great Oak of Kuldahar from the invading yuan-ti.[1]

Leading up to the events concerning The Legion of the Chimera, Iselore decided that the village's grain tower would be turned into a watchtower.[1]

He bestowed names upon the cambions Isair and Madae, after his father and mother, respectively. He sympathized with the twins, as he was also a "half-breed", but did not like their harsh methods to bring about equality for them.[1]

When Madae bought a contingent of her forces directly into Kuldahar, Iselore fought alongside a group of adventurers. The contingent consisted of several neo-orogs, yuan-ti, and harpies, led by the half-breed yuan-ti priestess Cedra. Madae left Cedra in charge of this battle, and left to attend her duties at the Severed Hand. Iselore helped win the battle, and the Heartstone Gem was safe once more. After this, he pointed the adventuring group toward the Dragon's Eye, where the legion was taking its forces.[1]

Iselore welcomed the successful group on their return to Kuldahar, where they stayed for a while. To Iselore, this meant his village was safe, as well as the Great Oak and the Heartstone Gem. After they left the town with the change of the seasons, Iselore and Maralie left a memory to the brave adventurers beside the Great Oak.[1]



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