Isharn Hammerfell was a young dwarf thief who lurked in the Warriors' Tomb in 1358 DR.[1]


The young dwarf had black scruffy hair and a beard. He wore splint mail that was fastened by a belt, a set of bracers, and leather boots. Isharn carried three daggers +1 and an axe +2.[1]


Isharn was once affiliated with a party of adventurers, but they were overwhelmed by shadows and slaughtered. His dwarf clan went to look for him, but were also unable to gain advantage against the monsters. Eventually, Isharn was the sole survivor, lurking and hiding around in the tomb. He was not beyond stealing rations from others. He believed he was justified in doing so, as he was not intent on stealing all of their food supplies. Thus, the other adventurers could remain alive to deal with the other monsters that inhabited the area.[1]



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