Ishi Barasume was a crew-member of the Halruaan caravel ship Realms Master in 1370 DR.[2] Her name meant "Stone Rose Girl" in Kozakuran[3]


Ishi was born in Kozakura to parents who were both common bushi, whose distinguished service had their lord presented a katana and wakhizashi--a set of fine weapons that symbolized their elevation to samurai class--to her father by their lord. When she was around the age of 15, both her parents died defending a castle from the army of Lord Kori. She was off training with a great kensai at the time. Soon after, a man named Po came to the kensai's school, and the kensai told Ishi to go with him to recive special training. She thought he may have been a monk, but soon realized his teaching and orders did not follow the Path and the Way.

When Ishi was 16, she was told by Po--who himself brought her at the Emperor's court to be introduced to him--she was to be married to Lord Kori but she was given instructions to assassinate him. Ishi did not follow the orders but challenged Lord Kori to a duel to regain her father's swords, which Kori had taken upon his death. Kori gave her his wakhizashi, but refused to give his katana to a simple peasant. She cut off his head in one clean stroke, but Kori wasn't human and did not die. She barred the door to the room with the wakhizashi. Being ashamed she had not killed Kori, she fled Kozakura[4]

While in T'u Lung, she helped Dwalimar Omen in dealing with a local wu jen. Omen was impressed and offered her a position in his crew and Ishi accepted.[2]

Years later, Ishi was approached by a hengeyokai disguised as a man in armor bearing the symbol of her family's clan, accusing her of bringing shame upon her family by leaving her father's wakhizashi behind in Lord Kori's castle. She followed it through an arcane gate, through which Priam Agrivar followed her with the assistance of a foo dog. She and Agrivar defeated Kori, restoring her honor.[4]


Ishi truly lived for her honor, she preferred death over dishonor to her or her family. Ishi always had perfect manners with strangers, but with her friends, she was open and playful. She always respected skilled warriors.[2]


While she showed mutual respect with him, in time, Ishi fell in love with the paladin Priam Agrivar.[2]



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