Ishi Barasume was a crew-member of the Halruaan caravel ship Realms Master in 1370 DR.[1] Her name meant "Stone Rose Girl" in Kozakuran[2]


Ishi hailed from Kozakura in Kara-Tur. She was trained as a warrior. Later, however, she was chosen to receive special training and was sent on a mysterious mission out of Kozakura. While in T'u Lung, she helped Dwalimar Omen in dealing with a local wu jen. Omen was impressed and offered her a position in his crew and Ishi accepted.[1]


Ishi truly lived for her honor, she preferred death than dishonor to her or her family. Ishi always had perfect manners with strangers but with her friends she was open and playful. She always respected skilled warriors.[1]


In time, Ishi fell in love with the paladin Priam Agrivar.[1]



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