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The Issacortae people inhabited the western part of the wild lands of Ama Basin in Kara-Tur.[1][4]


The Issacortae were medium build and muscular with black curly hair. Semi-nomadic tribes of Issacortae followed herds of elk and reindeer, which they raised. Agriculture was practiced to a small degree, and fishing and hunting occasionally.[1]


The weapons used by the tribes were usually axes, bows, spears, and clubs.[1]


Ruled by their king, the Issacortae were the most civilized tribe in the northern lands. The Issacortae were not one tribe, but a union of many tribes who obeyed the king, called the Issacort Confederation. Each tribe was ruled by a chieftain, who served as both chieftain and military commander. The eight tribes formed a union that followed the laws of their High King and High Queen.[1]

They spoke the Issacortae language.[3][2][5][6][7]


Usually religion had a very large impact on the tribes. They commonly practiced animism and shamanism. Shamans could be men or women. Shamans were often treated with great respect and awe by the population.[8]



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