Itharr was a member of the Harpers and one of the Rangers Three.[1]


Itharr was born in Athkatla. He abandoned the merchant life of his parents in search of adventure. He became the battle-buddy of Belkram, fighting some members of the Cult of the Dragon in Daggerford.

After that battle, the Master Harper Osryk proposed that both of them join the Harpers and they agreed. They went to Berdusk for training but they did not fit well with Obslin Minstrelwish and decided to go on solitary adventures.

In 1358 DR, he was training together with Belkram under Storm Silverhand in Shadowdale when Elminster Aumar and the ranger Sharantyr entered a mysterious gate. Worried, Storm asked Itharr and Belkram to follow and lead them. They joined forces with El and Shar first to fight the Zhentarim in High Dale and later with the Rangers Three to contest the malaugryms' plots during the Time of Troubles.[1]


Itharr was the quiet one of the group, always remaining behind. However, sometimes he could become very hungry.[1]




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