Ithtaerus Casalia was a Calishite mage that lived during the late 13th century DR.[1][3]


He kept a journal of his plans and deeds. It was still partially intact as of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[2]


Ithtaerus was known to have been working on some experiments in the field of necromancy.[2]


In the Year of the Whelm, 1290 DR,[3] Ithtaerus schemed to steal the hoard and clutch of eggs that lay within the lair of the copper dragon Halatathlaer, beneath Dragonspear Castle. He placed the dragon under a magically induced sleep and teleported him far away from the castle.[4] Ithtaerus then created a portal to the Nine Hells and tricked the dragon's companion, Daeros Dragonspear, to travel through the portal. In doing so, Daeros opened a passageway to Avernus and let loose a horde of fiends upon Toril.[1][2]

While the castle was being overrun, Ithtaerus hid the Halatathler's eggs away in a cave near the Nepenthe River, in order to later experiment on the wyrmlings.[2] He then teleported Halatathlaer back to the castle and summoned three other dragon to rend the slumbering creature to pieces.[1]

Ithtaerus then went to the top of Dragonspear Castle to enjoy a fine wine and take celebrate his plan come to fruition. Unfortunately, the young black dragon Sharndrel was displeased with having been summoned and not finding the full hoard of the dead copper dragon. Sharndrel let loose a jet of acid that disintegrated Ithtaerus and made his plan all for naught.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

The mage's actions at the castle were chronicled in the book, A Historical Treatise of Dragonspear Castle.[2]



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