Ito-Jo was a cursed castle in Maeshi Province in Kozakura in 1360 DR.[1]


Ito-Jo was the ancestral home of the Ito family in Maeshi, build on a small island near the coastline. Its misfortunes started when in 639 DR the lordship of Ito went to Ito Saburo, a greedy man secretly manipulated by a demon spirit, the krakentua. Saburo was in a feud with the Nambu family, a branch of the Ito family that had split from the main branch in 546 DR, over the governorship of Maeshi. In order to destroy his enemies, Saburo agreed to sacrifice one of the Seven Swords to the Krakentua in 646 DR.

However, in 647 DR, despite the extinction of the Nambu clan, the sohei of the Sun Temple burned the castle to the ground on the Night of Burning Flowers and all the Ito family and their retainers were slain. Sensing the evil inside, the sohei placed an ancient curse over the castle's ruins.

Some years afterward, it was discovered that the site was haunted by people who had died in the Night of Burning Flowers.[1]



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