Iyrandrar (also seen as Lyrandrar[note 1]) was a realm of isolationist gold elves in the Chondalwood, circa the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Iyrandrar was located in a branch of the Chondalwood that jutted between the Maerthwatch mountains to the north and west, and the Adder Peaks to the southeast.[1]


The seat of government was a council called the Ardreth, made up of about twelve individuals from the nobility, or Elder Lords. The Lord Speaker of the Ardreth was traditionally an old male warrior that was famous for past deeds. He was just the mouthpiece for the Ardreth, not a serving member. The Lord Speaker's other role was as a judge in matters that were not otherwise settled by duels to the death. Below the nobility were the Lords that held sway over an enclave, garrison, or settlement within Iyrandrar.[1]

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The coat of arms of Iyrandrar.

The heraldry of Iyrandrar was a gold field with a horizontal brown tree limb sprouting green buds or leaves to the left. To the right the branch changed to a black falcon's claw with grasping talons.[1]


Iyrandrar had very little contact with the outside world, but a few individuals did trade rubies and sapphires from their gem mines for hardware and other objects made of metal for the colony.[1]


Mounted patrols at least thirty strong zealously guarded the border of this realm. They were equipped with dart guns, swords, and included powerful wizards that typically relied on their spells rather than magic items. Iyrandrii were known to hunt even other elves that dared to intrude uninvited.[1]

Everyone carried a dart gun, even children and youths, and they were used to hunt small game. The darts were dipped in a venom that caused paralysis.[1]


It was primarily the elders who were xenophobic, living easy lives of luxury. The younger generation were actually sent out to explore Faerûn for a time and learn about "the world outside". They were expected to come back with new knowledge, ideas, and items, mundane and magical.[1]



  1. The cited source uses Lyrandrar in the subheading of the article but all other occurrences of the proper name use a capital I and not a capital L. Therefore, the subheading is probably a typographical error.


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