Iyrauroth, also called "the Wyrm of the Peaks", was a male great wyrm black dragon that laired in the steppes of Thar and in Mount Grimmerfang in the Vast.[2][1]


In fear of his older sister, Embrurshaile, Iyrauroth spent centuries of his life hiding on other continents. During this time, he sired sixteen sons and daughters. Embrurshaile's death caused a magical backlash in the Weave that likely notified her brother of her demise. He immediately set off with his children to conquer her territory in the Galena Mountains and Thar,[3] joining the Dark Alliance in the process and helping to lay waste to Northkeep in the Year of the Blue Shield, 400 DR.[4] He later went on to destroy Tharniir, shattering the power of the ogres of Thar.[3]

In the Year of Writhing Darkness, 572 DR, Iyrauroth killed with claw and fang the orc Ologh, the Overking of Vastar, plunging the orcish kingdom into civil war.[5][6][2][7]

Iyrauroth later fell into a deep slumber under the steppes of Thar that lasted for centuries.[2]

A Cult of the Dragon cell, namely the Wyrmsmoke cell, awoke Iyrauroth by 1369 DR.[2][8] They attempted to persuade him to undergo the transformation into a dracolich, and gave him offerings. Iyrauroth only found their efforts amusing.[2]

Stirred from his rest now, Iyrauroth acted as he pleased, and took to raiding caravans crossing Thar between Glister, Melvaunt, and Phlan, including those run by the Cult. When a whole caravan to Glister disappeared and agents reported on the previously unknown black dragon's raids, the Zhentarim feared that the Cult of the Dragon was responsible. To preserve trade, they marched Zhentilar troops into Thar, to which the Cult reacted by rallying local tribes to their cause, until a war loomed.[2]

By 1374 DR, however, Iyrauroth had gone south to the Vast and based himself in Mount Grimmerfang, once the seat-of-power of Ologh the Overking.[1]


Iyrauroth had an elder sister, Embrurshaile, whom he hated and feared.[3]

He had sired at least sixteen sons and daughters, whom he kept firmly in line and marshaled as his army against his foes and to enforce his will. Reportedly, many dragons worked to secretly kill off a number of "Iyrauroth's get" to diminish his army and ensure none replaced him when Iyrauroth passed. It was believed these scions might have recovered Embrurshaile's gathered magic items in Thar to bolster their own arcane might.[3]

Dalgar, a draconic orc, claimed lineage from Iyrauroth, bearing the title "Blood of Iyrauroth". Circa 1374 DR, he was a member of the Wyrmsmoke cell of the Cult of the Dragon based in the Galena Mountains overlooking Thar.[8]



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