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Jacinth dragons were exceptionally solitary gem dragons and the rarest of dragon species.[1]


Jacinth dragons were covered in sparkling scales of various shades of flame-orange that seemed to be in constant motion. They were smaller than other dragons, ranging from as little as 2 ft (0.61 m) in length, to as much as 73 ft (22 m) in length as great wyrms.[1]


Jacinth dragons were solitary to the extreme, avoiding all other forms of life.[1]


Jacinth dragons spoke only their own dialect, but could telepathically communicate with other telepathic or exceptionally intelligent creatures. Because of their relatively small size, their fear aura was less powerful than that of other dragons, but outside of combat, these dragons could use a combination of riddling talk and personal charm to entrance other creatures. They also had the ability to use the shifting colors of their scales to produce a hypnotic effect; on bright, sunny days, their hide reflected light so brightly that it blinded viewers.[1]

Their breathe weapon was a cone of scalding air some 50 ft (15 m) long and 20 ft (6.1 m) wide at the far end, which set anything easily flammable within the cone on fire. They had superior magical abilities to most other dragons, being able to cast both wizardly and priestly spells. They could also innately blink six times each day.[1]


Jacinth dragons typically relied on their breath weapons and spells in combat, but would use their claws and fangs in melee as well.[1]


Jacinth dragons lived in hot, dry deserts far from any other creatures. They were capable of going for weeks without food or water. They enjoyed their solitude, but were sometimes overly curious of visitors. Otherwise, they were only known to interact with other people when they went searching for their preferred treasure: jacinth. Beyond that rare gem, they kept little other treasures.[1]

Jacinth dragons were the rarest of dragon species, and no more than a dozen at most lived on any given world. The only creatures known to attack them were adventurers, but the hide of a jacinth dragon had never been taken.[1]



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