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Jaculis (pronounced: /ɑːˈklizjah-KOO-leez[1][4] or: /ˈæklizJÆK-oo-leez[4]) were agile, tree-dwelling creatures that resembled snakes.[2][note 1]


Jaculis looked like snakes with mauve to dark purple scales and an arrow-shaped head topped with sharp, forward-pointing horns.[2] Some members of this species displayed heads that were more broad and flat, with razor-edged horns projecting as a ridge on either side.[3]


These creatures were not innately aggressive or hostile towards others, though they were very territorial and easily excitable.[3]


Jaculis were capable of camouflaging themselves, comparable to the famed ability of a chameleon,[3] changing the color of their skin to match their surroundings. They were also known to be talented climbers and swimmers.[2] Some described them as being capable of launching themselves with a force and accuracy comparable to that of javelins.[3]


Jaculis lured in their prey with animal trance, then attacked with its sharp horns and its ability to constrict. If a foe proved too troublesome, jaculis jumped from tree to tree to escape, then swung around and pursued the prey for a better opportunity.[2]

Notable jaculi[]

Moa, one of the Nine Trickster Gods of Chult, was a jaculi.[5]



Jaculis subsisted primarily on a diet of tree moss and insects.[3]


Jaculis could live in nearly any environment, though being serpents they had a preference for warm climates.[2] Furthermore, being arboreal creatures they were typically encountered in forests and jungles, though some were known to adapt to living within buildings that had many pillars.[3]

In Interior Faerûn, jaculis could be found in the jungle within the Cathedral of Emerald Scales.[6]



  1. In their first appearance "Jaculi" was stated as being both the singular and plural form of their species name. However, in the books of later editions such as Serpent Kingdoms and Tomb of Annihilation the plural form was changed to "Jaculis."


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