Jada Marlserpent, also known as Jada Harimdor, was one of the fabled dragonheirs, and the last surviving member of Clan Marlserpent as of 1479 DR.[1]


Jada was born in 1459 DR in the village of Wandering Stones, and as her mother died in childbirth, Jada became the last survivor of her bloodline. When she was less than a year old, Jada was adopted by a Swordlander merchant named Shander Harimdor, who was obsessed with the legend of the dragonheirs and wanted to ensure the survival of the last one of Clan Marlserpent.[1]

Jada was raised as Shander's own daughter, but she didn't like to live as a merchant. Craving for a love her surrogate family was unable to give her, Jada eventually joined the military forces of Harimmon and made a name for herself as an accomplished warrior.[1]

When Shander died, in 1479 DR, he left Jada the book Dragonheir Clans as her inheritance. The book contained the history and known genealogy of the dragonheirs, including Jada's true bloodline, as well as directions to locate the village of Wandering Stones. Before venturing to her place of birth, Jada decided to test her supposed abilities against a brown dragon named Thovantareth. Instead of becoming subdued as hoped, the dragon became enraged at her impudence and at even the possibility that she might one day come into her full abilities. He chased her from Eskorn to the mountains along the Skelkor's southern mountains before Jada finally made it to Wandering Stones.[1]

In the village, Jada met Olothon, the village's elder, who revealed the truth about her past. Thovantareth attacked the settlement at the same moment, forcing Jada and Olothon to seek shelter in the stones that composed the corpse of the primordial Arambar. Jada manages to figure out how to use her ability to some extent, but not enough to repel the dragon. However, the use of her dragonheir abilities woke up the spirit of Arambar, who manifested itself and killed Thovantareth effortlessly. With the village protected again, Jada decided to stay and try to learn how to control her abilities.[1]




  1. She was 20 years old in the short story Wandering Stones.


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