Jadger was a deep gnome ghost burrow warden in Blingdenstone during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


Secretly, some young deep gnomes gathered around the ghostly Jadger to learn the ways of the burrow warden. He was grooming his brightest student, Trisk Adamantelpiece, to command the new burrow wardens.[2]


In life, Jadger was an expert burrow warden, knowing much about Underdark denizens and how to fight them.

With the arrival of the settlers reclaiming Blingdenstone, Jadger took the opportunity to reestablish the burrow wardens, training in secret a handful of enthusiastic young gnomes.

During the Rage of Demons, a new generation of burrow wardens were ready and Jadger wanted them to be led by Trisk. He announced their existence to the Diggermattocks and demanded they be recognized as the new Burrow Wardens of Blingdenstone.[2]

Jadger also tried to clear the city of most of the wandering ghosts.[1]




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