The Jaguar Guard was a mercenary company based in Tethyr.[1][2]


The Jaguar Guard were composed of Jaguar Knights from Kultaka in Maztica. After the Golden Legion conquest, the leaders of Kultaka sent a group to Faerûn to learn more about this new continent. Encouraged by Gar Hollan, a Myratman merchant, they went to Tethyr to fight as mercenaries for the Council of Myratma.[1]

After nearly the entire Council was assassinated by the Four in the rise to power of Yusuf Jhannivvar,[3] more than half of the Guard were also slain. Their leader, Miquiztl Manik, had his warriors join the Loyalist Army of Zaranda Star.[2]

After the end of the Reclamation Wars, the Jaguar Guard moved to garrisons around the ancient ruins of Shoonach and help defend Tethyr against that evil place.[2]



All members were from the Kultakan elite order of Jaguar Knights.[1]


They usually used guerrilla tactics and, as a wild card, used their ability to change into jaguars. If they fought in a regular battle, they always offered opponents the option to be taken as prisoners.[1]


The Jaguar Guard had an exclusive contract with the Council of Myratma in 1358 DR. They charged 50 gold pieces per week for their services.[1]



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