Jaguar lords were large, intelligent jaguars that lived in the jungles of Maztica.[1]


Jaguar Lords looked like large jaguars, with the normal golden fur and black rosette spots of that feline. They were also highly intelligent and capable of speech.[1]


Jaguar Lords were normally solitary, although some would assume leadership of a tabaxi tribe. They worshiped deities from the Maztican pantheon, mainly Nula, Zaltec, and Azul. Jaguar Lords were cunning, often using trickery and deception to defeat opponents; however, many were also hishnashapers and some were priests.[1]

Jaguar Lords were always male, and had to mate with a female tabaxi in order to produce offspring, which were always Jaguar Lords. They were among the most dangerous creatures in the Maztican jungles. Jaguar Lords disliked couatls, and would attack one on sight.[1]

Sometimes, a wild halfling tribe would choose a Jaguar Lord as its talisman.[2]



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