Jahaka Anchorage was a 15th century port settlement located in a secluded sea cave in the Jahaka Bay along the western shore of Chult.[2] It served as the secret anchorage for a group of pirates that raided ships in the waters surrounding Chult.[3]


Beyond the pier, the anchorage house some living quarters, a makeshift prison, storage areas with a well-protected trove and a tavern called Bosco's Bilge.[1]


The pirates used Jahaka Anchorage to store their plunder and hold their captive slaves.[1] Their respective captains formed a tenuous alliance with Commander Liara Portyr of Fort Beluarian, granting a portion of their wealth along with safe passage for Baldurian ships in exchange for a blind eye to their operations.[3]


The settlement was led by the captain of whichever ship was docked in the port. Fittingly, only one ship dropped anchor at any given time.


Any ship nearing the anchorage had to navigate through heavy mist and a perilous circle of underwater rocks. Beyond that, the anchorage was protected by a ballista mounted upon the lookout tower constructed atop Bosco's Bilge.[1]

The anchorage's treasure trove was protected by ten flying swords.[1]


The settlement was the safehouse for and temporary residence of a numbers of pirates, including those that served as crewmen aboard the Dragonfang, the Stirge and the Emerald Eye.[4]

A number of reef sharks inhabited the waters surrounding the sea cave.[1]




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