Jak Fleet was a halfling cleric/thief who was an adventuring companion and the best friend of Erevis Cale.


Jak was thought by Cale to be his conscience personified as he was always a shoulder to lean on, and a true friend who always managed to pull Cale from the brink of darkness when he needed it.


He was born in Hillsfar but soon his family escaped and relocated to Mistledale.[1]

In his early career, Jak served in the semi-secret organization known as the Harpers. He joined the Harpers because he really wanted to help people, but when Cale was in trouble and Jak asked for their help, he was refused. He left the Harpers soon after out of his undying loyalty to Cale.

Jak Fleet died at the hands of a death slaad named Dolgan when fighting alongside Cale and Drasek Riven.[2] They were thrust into a plot put together by the god Mask to steal a temple of Cyric, which resulted in a confrontation that ended his life. As a result, Cale never forgave Mask for the loss of his friend.


Jak Fleet was a devout cleric of the trickster god Brandobaris.


He loved to wear wide-brimmed hats, and often was found chewing on a pipe.


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