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Jalanthar was a hamlet located on the trail between Everlund and Sundabar and was once a stop on the Rauvin River situated between the Moon Pass and Everlund.[1]


The buildings were half-buried in the ground and looked like as green hills. Many of the new buildings were built directly into the hillside and were covered with turf to resist burning. Additionally, they had strong doorways to resist battering. Most of the inhabitants of Jalanthar knew the surrounding area and many of them also had experience of clashes with orcs and other raiders. A council of elders administered the village and the entire community was very kind to his fellow citizens. Most of the inhabitants were trappers and hunters. In addition to the fur trade, they hired themselves out as guides.[1]


By 1372 DR, the hamlet had recently relocated from the south bank of the river to the foothills north of the river after repeated orc raids. The hamlet was overrun on multiple occasions, but the inhabitants retreated to safety into the mountains. In 1372 DR, the defenses were boosted by a troop of the Argent Legion camping in the old ruins.[1]


  • Storn Crommarth
  • Ammarthé Sungalard
  • Ithnar Modrasz
  • Barthor Heldruin
  • Badel Kilmander[1]

Places of Interest[]

  • The Crowing Cockatrice was an popular inn and tavern known for serving Jalanthar Amber. It was burned three times by the orcs and abandoned along with the former village site.[1]