Jaleigh Johnson lives at the edge of a corn field in the Midwest, in a yellow house with a lot of windows. On the long road to publication, she's written ad copy; gaming material; Gen Con diaries; horror fiction; science fiction; fiction for children; fiction for adults; fiction for small, furry animals and gnomes; etc. She tries very hard to be serious at all times; unfortunately the world is too absurd and thwarts almost every attempt she makes to take it seriously. Mostly, she blames reality TV, but also, laughter is more fun.

When not writing, Jaleigh enjoys gardening, biking, gaming, and movies. By “movies," she means theaters. Surround sound, sticky cupholders, butter-slathered popcorn clutched in a fist, theater-going experiences. She can't get enough of them. Just don't talk during the movie. She'll crawl over the back of her seat and maim you.

Once upon a time, she met Ed Greenwood at the Gen Con gaming convention in Milwaukee. Thirteen years later, she's still stalking him, but he lets her play around in the Forgotten Realms anyway. She is very happy about this.




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