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Jaluth Alaerth, known as "Snakeface", was one of the Overwizards of the Arcane Brotherhood in the 1360s DR.[1]


Circa 1365 DR, Jaluth was developing new necromantic spells in order to gain control of undead, golems, and gargoyles. She plotted to gain control over all dragons, conquer Icewind Dale, take possession of as many mines as possible, and also sack dwarven holdings and Netheril's ruins.[1]


In 1371 DR, after Eldeluc and Valkebar's coup against the Archmage Arcane, Arklem Greeth, Jaluth pledged her loyalty to the conspirators. When Greeth returned, now transformed into a lich with some new devilish allies, Jaluth relocated to near Icewind Dale.[2]


Jaluth had a strange power or curse that caused her face to spill snakes every time that she was angry or upset.[1]



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