Jamna Gleamsilver was a gnome assassin and a member of the Zhentarim.[3]


At the start of the Tyranny of Dragons, in 1489 DR Jamna was tasked with a mission to investigate the recent uprising of the Cult of the Dragon. She deduced that they were gathering treasures for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen and boarded a caravan full of hidden cultists that transported parts of the hoard to the final destination. During the journey, Jamna killed a too-curious cultist disguised as a caravan guard.[3]


After the assassination, adventurers could discover Jamna and needed to decide what do with her. She would potentially offer her help against their common enemy.[3]


Behind the scenesEdit

After the PC's arrive in Waterdeep Jamna expresses her desire to stick with the party until they find the treasure's destination.



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