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Jan Jansen was a gnome inventor, illusionist, turnip salesman, weapons manufacturer, disreputable businessman, and adventurer who lived in Athkatla during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"I think we make a fine partnership – like Drizzt and Wulfgar, Elminster and Volo. Ha! We should go into the mobile vegetable-peddling business together."
— Jan


Jan was very eccentric, and loved to ramble on with stories that never got to the point. He had a habit of telling bizarre tales about his supposed relatives, turnips, griffon-baiting, wyvern-taming, and other subjects for seemingly no reason.[1]

Some of his stories were so outlandish it seemed they had no foundation in reality. He spoke about his aunt Petunia, who was a ranger who wore fruit armor and kept a number of pets including a black dragon, a hydra, and a solar. He also spun a tale about Angus the giant beaver who befriended Gurgen the hormonal moose.[1][2]


Jan had a home in the Athkatla's slums that he shared with his mother and a few other family members. He could be often be found peddling his wares around the city's governmental buildings.[1]

He spent much time coming up with outlandish inventions, such as his turnip–launcher or his flashers that he both gave to children and used as ammunition. In fact his inventions were actually dangerous weapons in their own right.[1]


Having come up with weapons and armor that proved useful to adventurers, Jan used several of them during his journeys. He wore a specialized suit of armor called the Jansen AdventureWear and a set of eye wear known as spectroscopes. His personal weapon was a type of specialized crossbow entitled the Flasher Launcher. It was so complicated that only Jan was capable of operating it.[1]


Jan had a vast family that was full of individuals with colorful personalities. He often referred to his many uncles, including: Eichenwacher, Flippy, Gerhardt, Hegemony, Richard, Salebottom, Scatchy, Spanky, Stinky, and Uriah Twin–Hammers.[1]

Beyond his family, Jan had a longtime friend named Lissa. He had an unrequited love for her, despite her relationship with the criminal Vaelag. He was friendly with his own partner–in–crime, Quayle.[1]


As strongly implied by Sarevok Anchev, at one point of his life Jan successfully swindled Rieltar by selling him what seemed like a lucrative piece of land, but actually turned out to be a monster-filled swampland. This trade apparently almost got Rieltar ejected from the Iron Throne.[3]

As of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Jan was being investigated by Trax, an agent of the Amnian Revenue and Taxation Board.[1]



Video Games
Baldur's Gate series (Shadows of AmnThrone of Bhaal)
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Magic: The Gathering (CLB)

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In the Baldur's Gate series, Jan is voiced by Jack Roth.

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