A jaod was an unintelligent, parasitic creature that could be molded into the shape of a humanoid face or body part. The creature got its name from a sage from Cimbar known as Rinthrin Jaod.[1]


The creatures could be made to adhere to a face and the wearer could shape the jaod into facial features. Air passed freely through the creature so that the wearer could breathe while wearing the jaod. There were no harmful effects to the wearer. They could also be molded into the shape of other body parts, for example, to enhance one's bust size, replace a lost finger or leg, or reshape a torso.[1]

Jaods absorbed alcohol and poisons in the host's body and gave off a scent that repelled some insects. They could be removed by applying alcohol directly to the jaod's body. Forceful removal from the host resulted in minor injury to the host.[1]


In the wild, Jaod's resembled a hunk of humanoid flesh.[1]


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