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The Jardeth (pronounced: /ˈɑːrdɛθJAR-deth[2]) family was one of the noble houses of Waterdeep circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[3] They were known for providing trained soldiers and guards, including provisioning and garrisoning.[1][2][3]


The patriarch of the family was Ulb Jardeth from at least the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR,[1] to at least 1372 DR.[3] His consort was Lady Allys and their eldest son was Koris. There were forty-one noble members of the clan as of 1372 DR.[3]


The family business was in training professional soldiers and providing logistic support for armed militias.[1][2][3] They were one of four families that sponsored a trade mission to Maztica that eventually became the colony of New Waterdeep. House Jardeth was responsible for the defense of the colony, conducting drills, and recruiting and training new guards.[4]

Base of Operations[]

The Jardeth family compound (labeled N19) circa 1372 DR.

The Jardeth family headquarters was a walled compound of two-story buildings surrounding some gardens located in the North Ward of Waterdeep. The west side of the estate fronted on Whaelgond Way overlooking the intersection with Delzorin Street. The somewhat triangular grounds faced Saerdoun Street to the northeast and an alley to the southeast. Directly across Saerdoun Street was the Gralhund family villa.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

The Jardeths also has significant holdings and a garrison of troops in New Waterdeep.[3][4]

The Jardeth family compound (labeled 150), circa 1357 DR.


The Jardeths were of Chondathan descent and worshiped Helm. They were ennobled in the Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR, along with many of their fellow merchant gentry families. As of 1372 DR, there were forty-one living members.[3]

In the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, the Jardeths were part of a flotilla of twelve ships that attempted to establish trade at Helmsport in Maztica, but the Lord-Governor of New Amn turned them away, citing limits on transoceanic trade that had been put in place by the Council of Six. The trade armada eventually landed on Maztapan Island and in the space of two months established the New Waterdeep colony.[4][13]


  • Ulb Jardeth: Patriarch in the mid–14th century.[1][2][3]
  • Allys Jardeth: Consort of Ulb.[2][3]
  • Koris Jardeth: Eldest son and heir of Ulb and Allys.[2][3]
  • Urlymen Jardeth: An estranged family member in the 13th century, his mansion on Ilzantul Street eventually became part of Mrayvrens' Bountiful Rest two centuries later.[14]



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