Jarial was a young sorcerer who was cursed by his lover to remain entombed in a rock while awake and alive for many years. He remained trapped in Myth Drannor's Dwarven Dungeons until a group of adventurers from Phlan rescued him in 1369 DR.[1]

A quest of love ends with me,
yet I am made endlessly.
If I drop, say my name,
if I touch rock, freedom gain.
What is the answer? Solve it, I beg you, and set me free!
  — Jarial[1]


Jarial was a young man of only twenty years old when he was trapped in a stone. The curse kept him alive and unaging for countless years until he was rescued.[1]

Jarial wore a royal purple robe tied with a yellow sash.[1]


Jarial was a young, intelligent, but inexperienced man. He, like his lover Ozama, had a sharp tongue and a short fuse. He did secretly feel jealous of Ozama's potent magical skills. That explosive part of his personality smoothed significantly after he spent years trapped in stone, contemplating his actions that led to the situation.[1]


Jarial possessed a gift of sorcery; even though he was inexperienced, he had access to spells like protection from evil, mage armor, magic missile, resistance, light, disrupt undead, detect magic, and daze.[1]


Being young and relatively inexperienced, he was cursed while only carrying a simple dagger and a quarterstaff on his person.[1]


Many years into the past, a young sorcerer Jarial met and fell madly in love with a hot-tempered wizard, Ozama. She had an insatiable lust for magic that led the young couple to Myth Drannor's undercity. There, they had a terrible fight and after Jarial said some terrible things to her, Ozama tossed an enchanted pebble at Jarial's feet. Momentarily, the pebble grew, swallowing the young sorcerer's legs, leaving his torso and arms free. The wizard left him with a riddle that was the solution to his problem and despite Jarial's begging, she stormed off, leaving him alone withing a dark and empty dungeon room.[1]

Jarial kept his sanity while staying trapped for many years inside a rock with no way of breaking the curse that also kept him alive, unaging, and invulnerable. For years he was hoping to see Ozama's return to rescue him, but that never happened. Through the years, Jarial wished many times that Ozama had dropped a boulder on his head and killed him instead of the state he was trapped in.[1]

Once, during his years of torture, a beholder came across the curious little human. The floating aberration spent a week flinging its spells at the trapped man, before it was reduced to tears in frustration. It gave up and left Jarial to his misery.[1]

The solution of the riddle was a ring. In 1369 DR, a group of heroes from Phlan seeking to stop the Cult of the Dragon's nefarious plan of domination came across the trapped man. He begged them to free him while reciting the riddle. Thankfully, the group was equipped with rings, and they freed Jarial, who promised to aid them in the quest against the cult. His heart was still beating for the cruel wizard, and he was searching for her or her remains while traveling through the ruins with the adventurers.[1]



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