Jarl Rising is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th-edition ruleset. It is part of the Storm King's Thunder series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on the Ice Spires and is an adventure designed for three to seven 5th- to 10th-level characters.

The frost giants of the Ice Mountains have long held to the belief that a great Jarl will one day step forward to unite the families as Konung (king). With the Ordning shattered, Jarl Ryndölg believes that if he can locate Hartkiller's Horn, a legendary artifact among giant-kind, he could be the one. He may very well have found what he is looking for. A great clarion call has echoed across Hartsvale for two days, and the giants are all marching north. SEER calls upon adventurers to confirm rumors that Ryndölg may have done just that.[1]

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Jarl Ryndölg
FirbolgFire giantFrost giantHell houndHill giantHumanIce spire ogreRemorhazWhite dragon zombieWinter wolf
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Stone giant
Buildings & Structures
Ise Festing
Inns & Taverns
Weary Giant
Ice Spires
Clear Whirl River
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Bleak PlainEndless Ice SeaGreat GlacierWaterdeep
Shroud of the mourning warrior
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Hartkiller’s Horn
Potion of superior healing
BlightCone of coldCounterspellCure woundsDivinationEntangleFire shieldFireballFlame bladeGreater invisibilityGreater restorationHasteIdentifyLesser restorationMage handPoison sprayPrayer of healingPrestidigitationRaise deadRemove curseRevivifySpeak with deadSpike growthThorn whipThunderwaveTrue resurrection
Frontier Scout
Player Factions
Emerald EnclaveHarpersLords' AllianceOrder of the GauntletZhentarim
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Annam All-Father

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On p. 7, a reference is made to King Camden, as if he were the current king of Hartsvale. By the time of this adventure, King Camden would have been dead for a century, and the current king is supposed to be Good King Grauman Hartwick.

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