Jarwain was the handsome and fiery-eyed halfmoon elf proprietor of the shop Jarwain's Imports in Ashabenford in the late 14th century DR.[1]


He was an observant, charismatic man who had an eye for the finest of products in his shop and was extremely detail-oriented in his study of travelers and passers-by.[1]


Soft-spoken and observant, Jarwain kept his shop well-defended and well-stocked, but was also a man of secrets. He imported luxurious goods, including textiles and spices, from Cormyr via guarded caravans using a dangerous route that passed through Tilver's Gap and down the Moonsea Ride,[2] a business deal he preferred not to disclose to others.[1]

In actuality, Jarwain moonlighted as an agent for the Cult of the Dragon. He sold information on other caravans passing through Tilver's Gap to ensure the safety of his own.[3]