Jarwain's Imports was a shop in Ashabenford in the late 14th century DR that specialized in exotic imported goods from the nation of Cormyr. For steep prices, Mistran shoppers could purchase fine, spun cotton, lace, silk, or vibrant garments from the Forest Country.[1]


The shop was protected via an enchanted, floating animated blade that would hover over the entrance whenever the owner opened up or closed for the day.[1]


The proprietor of this shop was a half-elf named Jarwain; a highly observant man, he would spend hours in the window of his shop studying the details of passing travelers, sizing up their clothes and wares, as well as their possible origin or destination. He regularly imported his goods from Cormyr via one of the more dangerous caravan paths, and refused to discuss his business arrangements.[1]

An object of note that Jarwain kept in his shop was a a flat, brass filigree in the shape of a dragon. It was somewhat noteworthy that Jarwain would never discuss the origin of this piece.[1]



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