Jathrin's Jump (also known as the Jump) was a virtually lawless town in the Vilhon Reach.[1]


Somewhere in or near to the town, were some high cliffs.[1]


Jathrin's Jump was full of lawless travellers and lawless residents. The town's economy relied heavily on trading stolen goods and goods that were illegal in most other civilised places.[1]


At some point in the town's early history[note 1] an outlaw named Jathrin was executed at the nearby cliffs. This event earned the town it's name. Jathrin's capture and execution also lead to the phrase, "a person’s gotta be smarter than your average Jathrin".[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

As of 1370 DR, there were reports of a ghost that haunted the cliff where Jathirn was executed. The spirit appears as a slim human male wearing tattered leather armor and carrying a torch.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

Aragath Taltar's tomb complex
Below the town was a tomb complex that was once part of a temple to Talos, built by Aragath Taltar. At some point, the above ground portion of the temple was destroyed by priests of Lathander.


The inhabitants of Jathrin's Jump didn't care much for the law and traded black market goods in broad daylight.[1]



  1. By 1370 DR Jathrin had been haunting the area for a considerable time. It's safe to assume the town was founded (and named) many decades before 1370 DR.


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