Javelins were a type of simple, thrown, ranged weapon, similar to a shortspear.[5]


A javelin was a light, flexible spear designed primarily as a throwing weapon. It was usually constructed of wood and tapered to a sharp point at one or both ends. Alternatively, it could be tipped with a small metal spearhead. The shaft was much thinner than a spear intended for melee combat. An average javelin with a metal head cost 1 gp and weighs 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms).[6]


The javelin was a ranged weapon, intended to be thrown. Javelins were not sturdy enough for most melee combat and if wielded in this way they would perform poorly. The normal maximum range of a javelin was 150 feet (49 meters).[7]

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  • Javelins were a commonly used weapon among inhabitants of Malatra.[8]


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