Javor was an old chieftain of the Uthgardt Tribe of the Elk during the Elemental Evil crisis.[1]


In life, Javor was a great Uthgardt chieftain. His remains were buried in a mound near the Nettlebee ranch.

In 1491 DR, Wiggan and Bertram Nettlebee, under the orders of Cult of the Black Earth leaders, set a trap for some adventurers who had defeated the earth cultists at the Sacred Stone Monastery. They burnt Javor's mound, attracting the adventurers with rumors of a "fire witch" in their fields.[2]

When the adventurers came to investigate the mound, Wiggan summoned an earth elemental to destroy the mound and kill all inside. However, this awoke Javor. Javor rose as a revenant wanting revenge against Wiggan and Bertram. He was helped by an Uthgardt war group led by the berserker Fennor. Somehow the adventurers resolved the situation and Javor went back to the afterlife.[3]


Javor was an honorable man, even in undeath. He tried to find and kill only the true culprits, but had no mercy for those that protected them.[1]




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