Jayani al-Jasir was a ranking member of the Corsair Council of Hawa and a legend among corsairs.[1]


Jayani had an angular face and trim but muscular physique.[1]


Her bold attitude and knowledge of the sea were only surpassed by her striking beauty.[1]


Jayani was able to procure just about any normal item that she wanted. Known magical items in her possession included: Ring of youth, Short Sword of Quickness, Jambiya +2, Bracers of Defence AC 3. Jayani owned most of the taverns in Hawa, and those that she didn't own paid her tribute.[1]


Retired from active corsair life, Jayani was once a scourge of the Free Cities of Zakhara. During her pirating days, her base of operations for a decade was the back of a zaratan. This lasted until Qudra's mamluks attacked and spooked the giant turtle. She was considered the unofficial head of the Corsair Council. She ran an extensive spy network in Hawa, who communicated with her by special message rings.[1]


Jayani's favorite male companion was an outland corsair from Waterdeep named Turn bin Trevor.[1]



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