Jazayir al-Sartan, the Isles of the Crab, formed a crab-shaped archipelago in the eastern part of the Crowded Sea of Zakhara, south of Ajayib.[1] Poorly explored and marginally settled by enlightened Zakharans, it was the home to a large number of monsters as well as savage tribes of halflings, humans, ogres and ogre magi. Even the waters were avoided due the strange crab-like monsters.[2]


Four major groups of islands were usually recognized within the archipelago: the larger Jazirat al-Sadaf (the "Island of the Shell") and Jazirat al-Qraidis ("Shrimp Island"), the long chain called Jazayir al-Alfar (the "Islands of the Claws") extending north and south of Jaziat al-Sadaf, and the smaller Uyun al-Sartan ("Eyes of the Crab") in the center around the so-called Batihat al-Saji, the "Lagoon of the Brave".[2][3]



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