House Jedea was the royal family of the city-state of Mordulkin in Chessenta. The city was a family enclave and traditionally the most powerful mage of the family became king or queen.[1][2][3][4]


The Jedea family had ruled the city since the rebellion against the Untheric empire in the Year of Flashing Eyes, 929 DR.[1][3] The first ruler of the liberated city was Soldim Jedea, who also founded the Jedea Academy.[4]

In the Year of the Twelverule, 1117 DR, Mordulkin defied the king of Cimbar. This act led to the break-up of the Union of Chessenta into a number of feuding city-states,[5][6] The Jedean kings of Mordulkin claimed the title "Overlord of Chessenta", a title they happened to share with the rulers of Akanax and Cimbar.[7]

In the mid- to late 14th century DR, King Hercubes Jedea ruled Mordulkin and steered the city through that tumultuous age.[1][3]

In the Year of the Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, the red dragon king Tchazzar of Cimbar had returned and was working to bring the other city-states into his fold, through covert negotiations and threats; Mordulkin was likely among those discreetly negotiating its re-admittance to the empire. Nevertheless, agents of House Jedea (and perhaps themselves agents of Alasklerbanbastos) tried to work out Tchazzar's specific plans for Mordulkin, fearing he would turn it into a military camp commanded by one of his generals.[8] More generally, Mordulkin's leaders anxious watched and awaited Tchazzar's plans.[3]

Meanwhile, King Hercubes was still clinging to power, well past his natural reign and using magic to stave off the effects of age. He'd named no heir from House Jedea, feeling that none of his kin were capable of keeping Mordulkin free of the claws of the vampiric green dragon Jaxanaedegor. This triggered a struggle for succession and provoked that very same danger—some ambitious Jedea reached out to Jaxanaedegor himself—Tchazzar's rival—making secret pacts to gain the dragon's backing if they seized the throne.[3]


Unlike the other Chessentan city-states, House Jedea and Mordulkin traditionally tried to keep friendly relations with the North Coast cities across the Wizard's Reach: Delthuntle, Escalant, Hilbrand, and Laothkund, and other towns.[1][3]


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