Jelde Asturien was one of the original Knights of Myth Drannor in 1358 DR.[1]


Jelde was born as Semoor Wolftooth in Espar village. He went to search of fortune with Florin Falconhand, Doust Sulwood, and Islif Lurelake. During their adventures, he found his vocation as a cleric of Lathander and in order to follow the god's dogma, he renamed himself "Jelde Asturien".

At some point before 1369 DR, after joining the Knights of Myth Drannor, Jelde found his way into the ancient tomb under the mansion of House Ammath in Glim-Gardens and created a vault in one of its secret rooms. The vault contained Jelde's blade of destruction and a set of arcane mail.[2]

Later, he served as seneschal of the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in Shadowdale and fought against drow, Zhentarim, and Lashan Aumersair. After this last adventure, Jelde retired to Eveningstar to serve his god.[1]



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